Building a Difference In the World

Every major religion on earth has some kind of the Golden Rule or implies that we have been responsible for the other person. No one appears to demonstrate that much better than the newest Roman Catholic Pope Francis. Since he was elected for this position, he’s got broken most of the rules that were observed by his predecessors. As an example, he doesn’t live in the papal residence but instead stays in a guesthouse and eats his meals with staff and guests, visiting freely using them. He rides in elevators online websites and rather than using the luxury transportation that’s available for him, he chooses to ride in mini-buses or walks while even carrying their own luggage at times.

Pope Francis does not wear the clothing that could be expected for his position and rumor has it which he often dresses as an ordinary priest so that he can leave the Vatican under the cover of darkness to serve the homeless. It ought to be a little bit of a burglar alarm nightmare to attempt to protect him when all he really wants to do is bond with individuals in order to help meet their demands without observing the protocol that’s lay out for him.

Recently former South African President Nelson Mandela died on the chronilogical age of nine-five years. He had been imprisoned for twenty-seven years but in spite of this was able to lead the Civil Rights movement in his home country. Some feel that if he’d not sacrificed his own freedom, others across the world including President Obama would not have managed to assume the positions which they now hold.

It comes with an old Greek proverb that states: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they are fully aware they shall never sit in”.

Pope Francis and Mandela each have put the greater good of society above their own individual situations so that others could prosper. Their strong sense of community and desire to enhance society start by making it more cohesive fueled the significant choices they’ve made.

Nevertheless it takes several people in a society to produce all the new changes that are needed. Curing diseases, putting a man around the moon, setting up education systems and with all the world economy just isn’t individual work. These require the collaborative effort of numerous people.

This Christmas we celebrate the birthday of the people Jesus, other people who’s recognized as having significantly changed the planet for good. He is remembered for that humble and touch he offered those around him and the example that he set for us.

There are so many people around us who have dreams and goals but merely do not know the way to accomplish them. They wait and expect someone like Pope Francis, Mandela or Jesus ahead along that assist them. Sometimes they want a strong leader who can lead their environment through issues including Civil Rights. Sometimes they require a professional with specific skills who are able to train them in a specific area. And sometimes they only need somebody that will be a good listener and an encourager.

During this holidays, remember those like Giovani, Mandela and Jesus who have had a massive positive effect on our world. And consider those are about you who are looking forward to someone just like you to succeed in out and create a improvement in their personal world.